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Certification for individuals, organizations, and designs

Certified Usability Analyst™ (CUA)

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There are currently 4975 HFI-Certified Usability Analysts.
CUAs have demonstrated a clear understanding of research-based principles of designing interfaces from the perspective of the end user. They perform data gathering, task analysis, and usability testing. They pinpoint the usability problems and offer design solutions. The usability analyst brings the critical success factor to bear throughout the development life cycle. That is, designing for the user.

Certified User Experience Analyst™ (CXA)

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HFI's advanced CXA certification track trains user experience specialists in persuasion engineering, strategy, and innovation. CXA-certified practitioners can help organizations design for desired outcomes.

Certified Practice in Usability™ (CPU)

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This designation indicates a validated level of maturity based upon the presence of trained and certified staff, user-centered design methods, standards, and tools. The organization will also be rated for its executive attention to usability, organizational structure, and culture of care for customers.

Certified Usable Design™ (CUD)

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Once an organization has a CPU designation, they can then submit individual applications and products for certification. This certification assures that an approved user centered design process has been followed and that certified staff have attested that each deliverable document has been appropriately completed.

 All of us on the team are CUA certified and we hope to be CXA certified by the end of next year.

And it does make a difference; you can feel it in what we do. We’re professionals; we’ve got that scientific method. It’s the science of user experience. As a team, we approach it as a science with no emotion. A respect for, and understanding of a scientific approach to user experience is what HFI instilled in us."

Amy Bogatch
Information Architect
AXA Equitable

 Becoming a Certified Usability Analyst is without doubt the single most important decision I have made to help my career, period.

My instructors spoke from the perspective of actual projects with clients. They also understood how to teach; not everyone in the field of UX also has the skills to be effective in teaching what has worked for them.

Within six months, my certification had paid for itself. Because of this, I plan on taking the CXA courses as soon as possible."

Art Zippel
Information Architect
Word and Brown Companies
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