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Every month HFI reviews the most useful developments in user interface research from major conferences and publications. We cover the full range of human-computer interaction, including development, HCI issues, I/O devices, multimedia, documentation, and training. You will receive announcements of future HFI newsletters by email.

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 Thanks for sending the newsletter. The articles were most useful. I look forward to future editions."
– Accenture

"Excellent Work! I can not think of a better approach to information sharing."

"THANKS for the info! This is great! I've forwarded it on to several colleagues!"
– A.G. Edwards

"I want this newsletter. Please keep sending."
– American Medical Association

"Personally, I like the conciseness – both in terms of the number of topics raised, as well as the amount of information presented on each topic."
– Hewlett Packard

"Good newsletter! I appreciate the succinct reporting of research findings. Reflects well on your company."
– Autodesk

"I just want to say that I think the newsletters are a great idea, and I hope they continue for a long time to come."
– University of Michigan

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