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UX mistakes made by financial institutions and how to avoid them

HFI white paper – A conversation with April McGee

This paper looks at the trends and challenges facing UX designers who are working in the financial sector.

In this conversation, April talks about the problems facing financial institutions as they try to design a user experience that will satisfy both customers and corporate goals.

In this white paper

  • 7 common mistakes financial institutions make when it comes to user experience design
  • The importance of an overall digital strategy
  • Moving into emerging markets
  • Integrating user experience across all customer channels
  • 5 priorities for financial institutions as they move forward in developing a successful user experience

“This is a golden opportunity for financial institutions to start thinking about their place in the global community, and leveraging this with their customer experience.”

April McGee is Chief of Technical Staff – USA at HFI and has over 25 years of expertise in user experience (UX). She is passionate about helping clients advance their level of UX maturity, and with it, their impact within their organizations and their standing against their competitors. She manages top-performing global teams delivering highly successful UX solutions that align business vision and customer needs. UX is the client’s “face” to their customers, so April’s goal is to make it shine. April works with clients from various domains, but especially financial services: online banking, investment services, customer support, and call centers. April is a member of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) and has presented at multiple World Usability Day events.

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