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Institutionalization of Usability

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Apala Chavan
Apala Chavan doing eco-system research
at coffee business in Africa

Based on research and practice, this book comprehensively examines the elements of what is needed to be knowledgeable and creative when designing for emerging markets. It provides an in-depth look at user research methods in emerging markets and underserved communities.

The authors demonstrate how ecosystems mapping could become an essential tool to define the elements impacting design decisions. They discuss methods to develop solution spaces based on the output from users research studies.

The book includes case studies and design examples that provide insights on how to avoid pitfalls in designing outside of the comfort zone and for emerging markets.

This book is edited by Apala Lahiri Chavan, VP of HFI's Asian Operations, and Girish V. Prabhu, and includes contributions by many well-known people in the field.

 New markets require new products and new designs – designs that have not been force-fitted to the new environment. While redesigning for a new market, an in-depth study of its culture, lifestyle, and preferences becomes imperative. Then alone can we effectively determine the type of products, services, messages, or strategies that will best fit."

Apala Chavan, Chief Oracle and Innovator
Human Factors International

Cross Cultural Design video
View Apala's video on designing for emerging markets


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