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Your Strategic Partner in Developing a Mature UX Practice

Human Factors International is the world’s leading company focused only on user experience (UX) design.

Dating back to 1981, we have assembled the best practices for optimizing user experience design in complex, international, and mission critical environments.

We specialize in helping our client organizations develop a mature and optimized UX practice. We concurrently help in capabilities building and supporting tactical/showcase projects. We provide you with a full set of UX design services, from UX strategy, innovation, structural design, detailed design, and continuous enhancement of released offerings.

At HFI we believe that UX must be a scientific, systematic, and pragmatic endeavor. We must apply billions of dollars in applicable research. We must have designs that are informed and validated with user research. We know from long experience that these mature practices are faster, cheaper, and better.

Every technical staff member at HFI must be a Certified Usability Analyst™. And from the CEO down, we are wholly focused on human performance and persuasion engineering. We have the staff, tools, methods, templates, standards, and facilities to handle the most challenging programs and environments.

At HFI we also believe that every significant organization needs an internal UX practice. Your customer experience is too precious to depend on outside vendors (even HFI). We instead always work to support a culture of customer centricity within our client organizations, and to in every way support the growth of an industrial strength, internal UX practice.

At HFI we also know that it takes special skills and practices to manage the diversity of international designs and designs targeted at emerging markets. Our Institute of Customer Experience focuses on internal design projects and supports UX teams in developing the capability to design for the world.

Scientific Process
"HFI services are backed by a scientific process"
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UX and Heavy Machinery, with Jeff Horvath
UX and Heavy Machinery

Customer Satisfaction Analysis
Customer Satisfaction Analysis for 2011: HFI consistently scores high points with consulting clients.

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