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Many products and services need to be completely redesigned for new markets. This requirement for redesign goes beyond the localization requirement that most of us are familiar with. In addition, there is also the requirement for new products and business models for an existing market to meet emerging needs of the population or even to meet the needs of new consumer segments.

Successful innovation requires a very subtle understanding of the psychodynamics and social dynamics of the environment. That is why we believe that a robust process is needed to manage the complexity of going from deep research to actionable insights to breakthrough concepts and design.

What is New Business Model and Product Ideation?

HFI’s New Business Model and Product Ideation process is a systematic multidisciplinary process of uncovering and synthesizing the business objectives of your organization with the unmet needs of the target population and then actioning that to create breakthrough solutions.

The process allows you to gain practical knowledge about your target markets to develop entirely novel, more useful and effective products and business models.

Users are the best source of new ideas. Our research methodologies, rooted in cultural anthropology, sociology, and psychology, help us contextually study the "situated" behaviors, goals, intentions and thoughts of the potential users. Unlike traditional market research, which employs staged focus groups and superficial questionnaires as their main data source, we use tools and methodologies that elicit the deepest responses – thereby laying the building blocks of tomorrow's designs.

Ecosystem Research

The process :

The New Business Model and Product Ideation process has 3 stages:

  • Know Your Space: Our process starts with an understanding and synthesis of the business’ s vision, the significant trends from design and usage perspective that need to be kept in mind and a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape.
  • Know Your Users: We then move to the next step of getting a deep understanding of users, their characteristics, needs, motivations, overall experience with the world, and their everyday lives.
    The collected data is then analyzed and interpreted to create meaningful and relevant insights, often in the form of frameworks and models, which become the essence of the innovation.
  • Create Breakthrough Concepts: In this final step, we ideate on the basis of the insights from the previous steps to come up with a suite of novel, useful and sustainable solutions.

We implement these insights and ideas to create prototypes that can be used for iterative testing throughout your development cycles.

Industrial design capabilities

The industrial design (ID) capabilities compliment the process of contextual innovation. ID helps transform the design insights from contextual innovations into concrete product ideas. The team at HFI has extensive experience in managing complete product design life cycle projects for industries such as automotive, consumer products, electronics, healthcare and electrical equipment. Our expertise includes:

  • Understanding "Product-User-Environment-Task" domain and following a system design approach
  • Product safety and ergonomic studies
  • Exploration of form based on product function
  • Quick prototyping for iterative design process
  • Design optimization based on value engineering techniques
  • Support detailed technical design
  • Product aesthetics and visual communication
  • Development of functional prototypes for field studies and testing

 New markets require new products and new designs – designs that have not been force-fitted to the new environment. While redesigning for a new market segment, an in-depth study of its culture, lifestyle, and preferences becomes imperative. Then alone can we effectively determine the type of products, services, messages, or strategies that will best fit."
Apala Lahiri

Global Chief of Technical Staff
Human Factors International

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