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Institutionalization of User Experience

HFI has spearheaded the institutionalization of UX in companies throughout the world to make user experience design a routine part of the development process.

Since the early 1980s we have been training staff, writing methods, delivering customized standards, and doing large scale projects for customers. But that was just the start.

In this animated video, Eric Schaffer talks about Building Industrial Strength UX.

In 2014 Eric Schaffer and Apala Lahiri published Institutionalization of UX: A Step-by-Step Guide to a User Experience Practice (Addison-Wesley)

More about Institutionalization of UX book 

Since these early days we have focused on supporting mature user experience design operations worldwide. There is no question. The global best practice for user experience design is having an internal team. It can not be done by external consultants, not even us. But we can help ensure that the setup and optimization of a UX practice is efficient and successful. We also provide ongoing support for the most sophisticated UX practices.

The leaders in how to set up & strengthen a mature practice in UX design

As you set up a fully mature practice, we can provide a complete and seamless suite of training, certification, methods, standards, knowledge management tools, and staff augmentation.

We also provide full executive advisory and consultative support in setting up a user experience design practice.

While we work with you to build capabilities, we can concurrently do user experience design programs that both meet your short term tactical needs and provide a showcase that speeds institutionalization of user experience design into your organization.

The ideal strategic partners for internal UX design organizations

As your organization matures, we provide a complete strategic resource for ongoing support.

We provide the training, certification, and tools that you need to maintain and grow your operation.

We also provide supplemental support for advanced activities like UX strategies, innovation, persuasive design, and cross cultural design.

In addition, we can provide dedicated teams on a long term basis. However, this is only available to organizations that have at least a Level III certified practice in usability.

 Most systems integrators aren't equipped to do the kind of field research necessary to develop function and content to support users. HFI's team has the kind of skills sorely lacking in people who design Web sites today."

Harley Manning
Forrester Research

quoted in Investors Business Daily. HFI is one of a very small number of user experience firms that Forrester looks to for insight in the field of UX, and Dr. Schaffer has been very influential in their thinking.

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