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Metrics Development

The goals of a User Experience (UX) measurement program are to provide:

  • A framework for measuring success of user experience initiatives
  • A mechanism for understanding where to apply the usability, design, and development resources the organization has available.

The goal is not to have perfect knowledge, but to create a process that is:

  • Systematic – the UX team has a common understanding of the process and can easily train new team members
  • Repeatable – the process can be applied in the same way over time
  • Informative – the process creates a “heat map” of several perspectives over time that allows the team to make informed decisions about where to focus their efforts

A good measurement process uses several viewpoints to enhance your perspectives

The challenge/opportunity for a UX manager is to turn the outcomes of these evaluations into an integrated, strategic framework that businesses can use to make more informed design decisions. Page and scenario metrics from the UX Review can be evaluated alongside usability (UX) testing data, Web analytic data, conversion rates, customer satisfaction ratings, etc. Let HFI help you set up a UX Measurement and Improvement Program for your organization.

 Business relies on measurement, analysis, and benchmarking to determine ROI. As User Experience gets a seat at the table, we need to bring the measurements and analysis that make our arguments compelling. These can then be mapped to other business metrics to get a fuller picture of each of the products that the organization is offering."
Steve Fleming
Steve Fleming, CUA, CXA
UX Strategist
Human Factors International

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