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User Interface Structure

A successful User Interface Structure makes a Web site or application self evident, easy to navigate, and visually compelling. Users immediately understand what is available and how to find it. Innovative structures optimize access to information and features. By mapping the tasks to user goals, the interaction becomes highly efficient and productive.

Web / Intranet

Site structure determines 80% of usability. HFI's successful high-level architecture makes our clients' sites self-evident, easy to navigate, and visually compelling. This efficient navigational framework serves both corporate as well as user goals.

Features Benefits
Designing of an overall navigational framework that is intuitive. Navigation is efficient and rewarding – it matches the anticipated user task flows.
If needed, reengineering of the workflow to fit the users' conceptual model of the site. Users immediately understand what is available on the site and how to find it, without frustration.
Amending the structure's visual presentation.

New customers react with a positive initial impression, and repeat customers find a clean, uncluttered look.
Preparing for subsequent usability testing and detailed design efforts. Provides an extensible basis for future development.

Deliverables include:

  • High-level site flow
  • Prototype design of the high-level structure
  • An initial set of primary content pages
  • Written report or verbal presentation describing site structure and behavior

 Our tried and true method of design is to start by building the underlying navigation structure of the site. This is supported with a small set of page design exemplars so we can test how it will work with users. The approach is similar to that of city planning: before you start designing each individual building, you need a plan for how the city will be zoned and what types of structures are planned in each area."
Jeff Horvath
Jeff Horvath,

VP of UX Strategy
Human Factors International

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