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UX Enterprise™
The Relational Database of UX Objects

Based on 30 years of experience in User Experience (UX) design, and 18 person-years of development effort, HFI introduces UX Enterprise™ (UXE), the world's most powerful UX asset management and design system

UX Enterprise is a software product that allows you to design based on your organization's cloud of UX objects. This is the full interlinked model of your customer ecosystems, design projects, design specifications, standards, and methods.

  • Cross link and instantly accesses personas, scenarios, environments, standards, project histories, customer profiles, needs and opportunities, UX specifications, and methods
  • Build upon an ever extending model of corporate and customer ecosystems
  • Avoid costly repetition of user research
  • We estimate a 30% saving in UX time and effort
  • Improved communication on critical UX imperatives across your organization
  • Dramatically improves the quality and content of UX deliverables
  • Provides an effective window into user experience content and methods
  • Offers an efficient and easy to use platform for storage and reporting of corporate UX memory

UX Enterprise allows you to expand as your business grows
Your UX Enterprise environment comes loaded with generic UX objects that provide a powerful foundation for your UX work. These objects are:

  • Project
  • UX Specification
  • User Profile
  • Scenario
  • Environment
  • Artifact
  • Need or Opportunity
  • Method
  • UI Standard

Subscribers can purchase additional objects as needed (one-time fees). You can also configure your UX Enterprise subscription to allow for scaling budgets and project needs. More about UX Enterprise pricing

UX Enterprise
More information on HFI's UX Enterprise
Detailed brochure
Download (750K pdf file)
Object Oriented UX Design
Dr. Schaffer talks about HFI's object-oriented approach to enterprise UX in this free white paper.

Get Started Now!

  • Free personal access to UX Marketplace and UX Enterprise
  • 5 gigabytes of free storage
  • Author and manage your own objects
  • Publish objects and earn income

UX Marketplace
UX Marketplace: A Marketplace of UX Objects

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