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How to Design for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust
(PET Design) – a 3-day course

***contributes to HFI's Certified User Experience Analyst (CXA) certification***

About this course

Persuasion, emotion, and trust are critical factors for creating successful online interactions. The growing reliance on e-channels makes an engaging customer experience more important than ever.

How much do you know about persuasive design?
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This course provides the essential knowledge to transition from being a classical usability engineer to become a complete user experience designer.

Process of Persuasive Design

The Process of Persuasive Design

You'll learn to develop persuasive strategies and implement research-based methods throughout the design process to make your website more trustworthy and convincing. You can deepen relationships with your customers by learning how they make decisions that lead to conversion. You'll learn techniques to probe the subtle motivations and emotional triggers that influence people’s reactions to your message, content, and offers.

Participants will also learn to document and present their PET-related research and user analysis with concrete deliverables, including personas, persuasion flow diagrams, emotion maps, and trust scorecards. This knowledge also applies to products and mobile devices.

It is no longer enough to design just for efficiency – now user experience experts must also design for engagement


Learn how to:

  • Create designs that motivate specific actions
  • Increase customer conversion, loyalty, and adoption
  • Understand motivations and emotional triggers
  • Appeal to the rational and emotional aspects of decision-making
  • Test and measure the emotional impact and credibility of your website

Course length

Three days: 9:00 to 4:30 each day, 1 hour lunch break

Course Content

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply core methods and tools for persuasive and emotional design, and create a persuasion strategy
  • Evaluate sites on the basis of persuasion, emotion, and trust
  • Use PET Design markers to identify persuasion, emotion, or trust design elements in your own prototypes or designs
  • Integrate PET-related requirements into your data gathering and interaction design processes
  • Build personas specifically to research, probe, and analyze PET-related factors
  • Construct designs and persuasion flows based on users' drives and blocks
  • Validate the persuasiveness and emotional impact of your designs using the PET Scan and PET Validation methods
  • Leverage the research that continues to shape this rapidly evolving discipline

Training package includes

  • A comprehensive Student Manual
  • Workbook and Resource Guide that includes:
    • course exercises
    • publication and Web site references
    • glossary

Who should attend

Usability and user experience professionals, marketing professionals, graphic and visual designers, Web and application designers, mobile and wireless interaction designers, and product designers

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Practical experience in user-centered requirements, design, and usability testing, analysis, and evaluation techniques
  • Strong desire to learn how persuasion, emotion, and trust research methodologies can be effectively applied to the design of conversion-based and decision-making interaction design
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How to Design for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust

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