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We help create experiences that build influence

We’re on the brink of a new post-digital era and it’s time to rethink digital success and how to achieve it. Digital transformation is no longer the biggest deal. A business can stay ahead only it is able to create influence among customers.

This influence results from many things: responding appropriately to an increasingly complex system of consumers, changing expectations, and technology; investing in deeply understanding these consumers; and using these insights to create environments in which customers thrive.

Human Factors International (HFI) helps you create such long-lasting relationships with your consumers across all touchpoints and leverage the influence that results from engaging digital experiences.

Who we are:
  • Global leader in CX consulting and end-to-end delivery system
  • Delivered over $256,000,000 in CX work for Fortune 500 clients
  • In the business since 1981, with clients across Banking, Telecom, Retail, Medical, Entertainment, Government, and Education industries
What we do:

HFI is a complete Customer Experience Integrator (CXI) and our approach is unique:

  1. We start with a deep understanding of the user’s ecosystem, mental model, drives, and blocks.
  2. We then build a user-centered strategy around that understanding.
  3. We translate that strategy into concrete deliverables that include everything needed: design, technology, hosting, maintenance, and metrics.
  4. At the heart of all this is HFI’s human factors design science.

Our clients typically engage with us for:

  • UX audits
  • Digital strategy
  • Deep customer and ecosystem research
  • End-to-end customer-focused and ROI-based design
  • Managed CX capabilities
  • Full digital solutions delivery and maintenance
  • Innovation services
  • Individual and organizational training and certification
  • Enterprise UX knowledge & asset management products
Benchmark in CX design:
  • Certified Usability AnalystTM - Certification for new user experience practitioners
  • The HFI FrameworkTM -- ISO-certified, customizable design methodology
  • Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust (PETTM) - Strategy, research and design methodologies using Persuasion Engineering and Emotional Design
  • UX EnterpriseTM - Cloud-based UX asset management & design system
  • The Institutionalization of UX - Insightful book to bring benefits of improved experience to companies

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