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It's great if customers can move about your site easily and quickly finish their online activity. But will they go further and engage with your brand, love it, and come back for more?

Usability is no longer enough. It’s imperative to design for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust (PETTM). Through the interactive experiences you offer your customers, you must be able to convince them and not just satisfy them. This influence can be achieved by engineering experiences that make use of principles of psychology and cognitive behavior. With persuasion engineering techniques, you can move from “make it easy” to “make it engaging”.

How we build persuasive experiences:

PET Research
The first step requires deep research to thoroughly understand your customers’ emotional schema. Using in-depth Gestalt interview methods, we research the customers’ drives, blocks, thoughts, and feelings - and use these to guide design.
PET Strategy
These detailed insights from a group of customers provide a good picture of what really matters to them. That also gives us a sense of the big strong issues, and these, in turn, inform the strategic discussions and steps ahead.
PET Theme
We pick the emotional and motivational approaches that are most likely to work with your customers and use those to create a theme that will drive the interaction with customers.
PET Frame and Meme
This is the tricky part once you’ve got the theme right. We create a frame and meme that supports the theme and forms the central point of the entire persuasion effort. 
PET Tools
From an array of psychological and cognitive behavioral principles, we select specific methods of influence that will further boost the frame and meme and create an emotional connect with the customers.
Persuasive Design
Finally, we assess the flow of customers moving through the digital (and entire) interaction and ensure that the design supports seamless customer movement through your website and readies them to convert. The actual conversion is an emotional event and PET Design ensures the use of emotional triggers that align with the theme, frame, and meme.

"The HFI team did a phenomenal job in giving us insights to develop our brand strategy and product roadmap. The team has very smart and experienced researchers who are great at delivering results!”

Arathi Rao - Sr. Marketing Research Manager, Indeed.com

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