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Are you looking to create amazing products and services that your customers will love and use? Begin your journey with a cohesive strategic solution that brings together business goals, customer requirements, and new product and business ideas.

The HFI approach:

Ecosystem research is not market research
Unlike traditional market research that employs staged focus groups or superficial questionnaires, we use advanced tools and methodologies to elicit the deepest responses. You get insightful data to build a valuable foundation for tomorrow’s designs. Our communication of the research is an engaging immersion into the “big picture” supported by specific insights and not just masses of data.
Can do. Will do. Breakthrough!
A few of the innovations we have created:
  • Collaborating with HP labs to refine the design of the Gesture Keyboard—an award-winning keyboard device that makes computer access available to emerging markets
  • Joining forces with BSH Home Appliances Corporation, the world’s third-largest manufacturer of high-end appliances, to identify critical emerging market insights and identify opportunities in India
The logical next step, from concept to concrete design
Here’s how we go about it:
  • Understand "Product-User-Environment-Task" domain and then follow a system design approach
  • Optimize the design based on value engineering techniques
  • Develop functional prototypes for field studies and testing
  • Support detailed technical design

We have successfully used this approach to manage complete product design life cycle projects for industries such as automotive, consumer products, electronics, healthcare and electrical equipment.

“As a UX professional and CUA, HFI were the first to come to my mind when we were looking for a training and user research partner. I could think of no one better to train a multi-disciplinary product group in what is a profession in itself - Ethnographic Research.”

Mark Foley - UI/UX Design Lead, Poppulo

Our 3-stage process:

  • Step 1: Know your space

    We begin with understanding and syncing your business objectives, identifying significant design and usage trends and evaluating the competitive landscape.

  • Step 2: Know your users

    This is where we do critical ecosystem research—an in-depth study of users in the larger context of their goals, information flows, tools, lifestyles and culture.

  • Step 3: Innovate

    We then create breakthrough concepts using the insights, frameworks and models to deliver a suite of novel and sustainable solutions that align with your business objectives.

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