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AAA Mid-Atlantic - E-commerce website

AAA's Road to Persuasion, Emotion and Trust:
HFI collaborates on website design using new PET design™ methodology for persuasion, emotion, and trust

Challenge: Showcase product range, improve conversion

AAA Mid-Atlantic wants people to know it offers more than just roadside assistance. Its assortment of products and benefits includes member discounts, financial services & insurance, travel & entertainment packages, and more.

HFI collaborated with AAA Mid-Atlantic on a website redesign to:

  • Expand consumer awareness about range of offerings
  • Create a more persuasive online experience to increase uptake and conversion
HFI's approach: Create a guided path for customer discovery

HFI combined classic usability practices with its new PET design™ methodology for optimizing persuasion, emotion, and trust – including eye tracking studies.

  • In-depth research identified people's wants, needs, motivations, and expectations.
  • Analysis found the existing AAA website didn't encourage people to explore new products, go deeply into the content, or even notice prominently displayed offers.

HFI developed a new site structure that promotes consumer discovery and cross-sales through a carefully orchestrated guided path. Instead of selling everything everywhere, the site now leverages "seducible moments" to present the right offer at the right time – including things that visitors didn't even realize AAA offered.

Results: Improved sales and product exposure

AAA Mid-Atlantic has enjoyed dramatic benefits since the launch of its redesigned website.

  • Expanded awareness: Site visitors discovered and remembered twice as many products and services; page views have soared in nearly every category.
  • Increased conversion: Membership page visits and leads have exceeded a 200% increase; online renewals for all membership types are higher.
  • Improved usability: Membership page visits and leads have exceeded a 200% increase; online renewals for all membership types are higher.
  • Brand appeal: Tests showed the new design is unanimously preferred over the old site.


  • Customers didn't know where to look or realize the extent of AAA's offerings


  • The site engages customers and uses guided paths to encourage exploration and cross-selling
New design encourages customers to explore a wider variety of AAA's offerings

Indiatimes Movies

Key content, like membership benefits, was rewritten to be more persuasive

“Our partnership with HFI has given us access to a vast storehouse of knowledge in the field of user design engineering. This has helped us in revisiting the brand, keeping user focus in mind, and creating a product that is not only user-friendly, but promises to set standards in the industry.”

Scott Gamble - e-Business Director, AAA Mid-Atlantic

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