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Dell Computer - E-commerce website

The challenge

Dell Computer is a recognized leader in e-commerce. To achieve its ambitious growth objectives for the Dell.com site, Dell concluded that the most important step was to increase site usability. The site had to be easy-to-use for customers of many types-business as well as consumer, relational as well as transactional.

The approach

HFI began by observing users as they navigated the existing site. It counted the number of mouse clicks needed to perform an action, determined which actions were intuitive and which could be improved, then made recommendations.

HFI created a high-level architecture for the site. It also provided expert design reviews on prototype sites, and helped determine colors, fonts, and button locations.

In addition, HFI trained Dell's in-house and external Web designers and content developers on best practices for usable Web-site development and design, enabling Dell to continue to make use of HFI's principles.

The outcome

"HFI's scientific approach to usability enabled us to make high-value improvements to our site," said Margo Winter, Senior Marketing Manager, Web Business Unit. "Having access to their knowledge of best practices in the way human beings react to Web sites was absolutely invaluable in helping us improve the usability of the site, increase customer satisfaction and consequently increase revenue."

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