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The Business Value of UX: Taking ROI to an Institutional Level

Today, executives are placing lots of attention on user experience (UX). Forrester recently published a report that showed that 93% of executives thought that improving the customer experience was a top strategic priority. But, what is the ROI of user experience design?

This white paper discusses the business value of providing users with the best possible user experience in a way that provides your organization with the best possible business results. Jeff Horvath, HFI’s VP – UX Strategy, discusses:

  • Why a good user experience matters
  • How to measure the ROI of UX
  • Industry shifts toward institutionalizing UX
  • Evaluating and building a mature UX practice by using the Usability Maturity Model
  • Aligning UX metrics with business metrics
“A good user experience, like a measurable ROI, doesn’t typically happen by accident. It is the result of careful planning, analysis, investment, and continuous improvement.”

About the author

Jeff Horvath, Ph.D. has been working in the field of usability for over 15 years. His background in psychology and his experience in the business world provide a combination of skills and perspectives that can help your organization design solutions for end users that are usable AND that meet your business goals. Jeff's customer list includes Sprint, Motorola, Lands’ End, and American Family Insurance. He has helped them successfully integrate user centered design best practices at their organizations. As VP - UX Strategy at HFI, Jeff defines and oversees solutions for clients, and manages and mentors HFI’s technical staff.

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