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Choose from HFI’s 3 certification tracks that are designed to address unique professional needs. Depending upon where you are in your UX career, pick your best fit. Each certification and its courses offer updated, in-depth and practical UX knowledge, imparted by instructors who are real-world UX consultants.

Usability AnalystTM

Certified User
Experience AnalystTM

Certified Digital
Persuasion AnalystTM

Certified Usability AnalystTM

  • Ideal for those who are new or switching careers to UX
  • Get foundational understanding of usability & UX processes
  • Learn practical best-practices to apply directly to projects

You’ll get to know

  • Researching customer requirements
  • Creating personas, scenarios, user profiles
  • Designing user-focused site / app navigation
  • Validating designs through user testing
  • Understanding accessibility and cross-cultural design

10 days

Next Course:

January 04th

Certified Digital Persuasion AnalystTM

  • Best suited for digital marketers, designers, content writers, etc.
  • Make your design trustworthy & convincing by applying psychology principles
  • Progress from merely usable experiences to those that win customer loyalty

You’ll get to know

  • Influence of Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust (PET) on customer behavior
  • Persuasive approach to strategy & design
  • Research-based PET design methods
  • Validating emotional impact of designs

5 days

Next Course:

January 04th

Certified User Experience AnalystTM

  • Next step after the CUA certification to become a UX leader
  • Create experiences that move customers from "Can do" to "Will do"
  • Bring UX into the boardroom to create a customer-centric culture

You’ll get to know

  • Advanced topics like motivational design, omni-channel strategy, and innovation
  • Applying psychological principles to create customer engagement
  • Launching new business models and ideas
  • Developing org-level UX maturity

10 days

Next Course:

January 04th

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"The UX knowledge that I got from the CUA helped me secure a new job, establish a UX-first culture in my org and directionally changed the way I do UX work.”

Sahil Sapra - Chief Manager, Design, Gaana.com

“The CUA provided me with up-to-date UX design knowledge and established credibility that helped me articulate the true value of design to my organization”

VJ-Francisco - Head of Experience Design, Globe Telecom


  • How do I know which HFI certification is best suited for me?

    The 3 courses are suited for a wide variety of requirements.

    • CUA - This is the first certification that gives new practitioners or those changing careers a foothold in the UX industry. Through 10 days, you will gain practical knowledge of fundamentals of UX such as:
    • Understanding how human beings function and how that shapes design
    • Gathering user requirements
    • Creating intuitive information architecture
    • Designing detailed screens using best practices in user-centered design
    • Validating your designs with sample users
    • CXA - This is the next step after getting CUA-certified and is ideal for practitioners who want to progress to advanced UX. Through 10 days, you will learn about topics such as:
    • Applying psychological principles to enhance customer engagement
    • Designing for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust
    • Launching new business models and products based on ecosystem research
    • Assessing maturing of your own UX operation
    • Moving to creating a culture of customer-centricity within your organization
    • CDPA - This is a compact 5-day course that teaches you how to influence customer behavior by applying principles of psychology to design, and is also well suited for allied professionals such as marketing managers, digital marketers, content writers, etc. You’ll learn:
    • How to use Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust for customer engagement
    • Gathering user requirements using PET
    • Research-based PET tools
    • Validating the persuasiveness and emotional impact of your designs
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