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Increased productivity

For applications where usage rates are very high, saving a few seconds on a screen can mean quantum leaps in returns. Calculate how an increase in user efficiency impacts the ROI for usability.

Increase efficiency by 3 seconds for a given page

Reduced reliance on help desks

If customers can locate information easily on your website they have to rely less on your help desk. If the number of calls to your help desk is less, this reduces costs and improves ROI.

Reduce support calls by 25%

Increased conversion rate

For e-commerce sites, calculate how an increase in the percentage of visitors who convert to purchasers can improve the ROI for usability.

Increase conversion rate by 5%

Reduced costs on formal training

Usability improvements on your website or application can reduce formal training requirements and affect the ROI for usability.

Reduce training requirements by 40%

Decreased drop-off rate

A reduction in drop-off rates during the checkout process on e-commerce sites can increase the ROI for usability.

Reduce drop-off rate on the check-out submit page

Reduced learning curve

Every website or application has an initial learning curve. Improved usability can reduce this initial time taken to learn.

Reduce time taken to learn by 4 hours

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